Enervee with President Obama

The Enervee Efficient Product Finder

Enervee partners with electric utilities to provide an online marketplace featuring incentives for energy efficient home appliances and consumer electronics. We analyze product data from national retailers, manufacturers and government agencies to rate the energy efficiency and popularity of over 50,000 products each day.

The Enervee® Score provides a universal way of comparing a product’s energy efficiency, based on industry standards, against all models available on the market. We also help you to understand the TrueCost (purchase price + energy cost) of owning a product based on your local utility rate, how much you use a product (i.e. hours of TV watching per day), and the useful lifetime of the product (years of ownership).

Besides making it easy to find the most energy efficient products and available incentives from your local utility, Enervee also provides an easy way to apply for rebates online. Simply go to a product page that features a rebate and enter your email address to receive three simple steps for receiving your rebate payment. Just purchase the product online or in your favorite local store, email us a copy of your purchase receipt and then choose to receive a prepaid Visa debit card or a transfer direct to your debit card account. It really is that simple!